Patient transport

Help and advice on getting to your healthcare appointment

There is a new contact number for booking non-emergency patient transport (PTS).

If you need help with getting to your healthcare appointment, then you should call Medical Services.

Patients normally make their own way to NHS appointments. Transport may be available to you depending on:

  • Your medical condition
  • Your mobility
  • Your support needs

To find out if you qualify call 0330 133 1027

Calls will be answered 24 hours-a-day by helpline assistants.  They will advise patients who need information about transport to hospital or health appointments and assess their eligibility for non-emergency transport.  Journeys can be booked between 2 weeks and two working days in advance. On the day bookings can sometimes be accommodated but cannot be guaranteed. 

For transport to NHS Hospitals or clinics in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire:

  • Patients will be assessed and accessible transport will be booked for those patients whose medical need or mobility means that they cannot travel by any other means (including family and friends, taxi or voluntary car service). 

For transport to hospitals or clinics outside Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire:  

  • Call handlers will provide advice and assistance for these journeys.

Patients should have their NHS number to hand when they book a journey.  You can find this on your appointment letters.

Patients who are not eligible for the patient transport service will be advised on alternative door-to-door transport options, such as the voluntary car scheme. There is usually a charge for this transport.

Patients on low incomes can claim reimbursement under the Healthcare Travel Costs Scheme. Unless attending a hospital with a cash office, claims will need to be made by post using a HC5(T) form.

Voluntary car schemes

There are a range of services available to help you get to your appointment