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We need your help to transform care for people with learning disabilities

Are you one of the 26,500 children or adults in Hertfordshire with a learning disability?  

Do you also have a mental health problem, autism, or behaviour that makes it difficult for you to access support services? 

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Let's get Sugar Smart!

Every day, without realising, we’re ALL having too much added sugar. You’d be surprised at the amount of added sugar lurking in everyday food and drink - and it builds up quickly over the day.

It's time to get Sugar Smart, It's easier than you think to cut down sugar. Start with downloading the Sugar Smart app.

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Dry January is back to give us all a break from the booze!

January is a time when many of us want to give our body a rest after Christmas and start looking after our health again, so we are urging people to take a break from booze and get their 2016 off to a positive start by signing up for Dry January.

Dry January is not about never drinking again, it just gives you the opportunity to give your body a break from alcohol.  

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